The Blacklist: The Courier

Hello fellow bloggers!

So, we are on Episode 5 of this captivating series and I get more excited each week!

And let me tell you, the opening scene of this week’s episode is a promising one. We have been hoping this entire series that this moment will come and it has! Elizabeth FINALLY asks Tom about his possible secret identity AND HE GOES PSYCHO. Oh wait, NO SHE DOESN’T. Instead, she is going to pretend that nothing’s wrong or on her mind. I can’t stand that she won’t just man up and ask him. I may not be in a marriage like this, but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep this from my husband, whom I promised to be completely honest with. That is a legal binding document, I wonder if she realizes that.

Can we also take a minute and address the fact that she is an FBI agent and doesn’t notice that there are cameras in her house?! And I think we can safely assume that he’s also an undercover agent of some kind and has failed to notice these surveillance cams in their house as well.

I do, however, admire her frankness when dealing with Reddington. She doesn’t screw around, but rather gets right to the point, which makes her a terrific agent. However, I also admire Reddington’s vagueness sometimes. It keeps the viewer eagerly watching and keeps them hooked from episode start to episode end, it’s mind-blowing!

These episodes are getting creepier every week, which I’m normally not a fan of. I usually steer clear of creepy and unsettling, but somehow, Spader’s personality and poise keeps me calm and engaged; it’s amazing the effect some characters/actors have on the viewer. Every single week, this show begins to remind me of Fringe, as far as the villains are concerned, without all the science. Reddington would be Walter, who also happened to be my favourite character on the show; Keen would be Olivia, who also happened to be least favourite character on the show.

The one supporting character that I hope to see more of in the show is Agent Malik. I really hope that they tie her in as someone Keen can relate to in some way and lean on for support because at the rate the show is going, Keen is going to be left with virtually no one for a shoulder. One supporting character that I hope gets less significant is Ressler. At first, I thought he would be your typical d-bag coworker: cold and unwarranting and warm up to Keen after 2/3 episodes, but so far to no avail. I’m sure we will see some sort of character development for the better by the end of the season, but it’s very unnerving to have so many cold and almost uncaring characters so early in a season. The most caring character right now is Reddington and he’s a federal criminal!

Surprise, surprise: a villain will give us what we want, in return for immunity! This seems to be a recurring theme on the show.

Hooray! Development on Tom’s identity! This is promising news and the show just got a whole lot juicier. One of the best things about the show is the three different stories within a bigger story that occur: we have the regular bad guy (villain)-good guy (FBI) conflict, which kind of provides the “setting” of the show if you will; we then have the Reddington-Keen conflict which really draws people into the show; and finally, we have the Keen-Keen conflict that I truly believe to be the basis of the Reddington-Keen conflict. If there was no Keen-Keen conflict, there would just be the FBI (none of this focus on Elizabeth) getting information from Reddington about bad guys they need to catch and, at the end of the day, Keen would just go home to her wonderful husband and perfect home. Much less captivating if you ask me.

I can’t help but want more of Reddington in the episodes. Ever since the pilot, his presence is ever-so dwindling, which saddens me. I’m hoping that as we learn more about Tom and his what seems to be secret life, that Reddington will become more prominent in the show.

Aaaaaaand, of course, they save the day! Awe! Reddington gave her the information she needed. I am ever-curious about his relation to her; old family friend? Friend of her father’s? Her father? Hmm…

That ending scene though. I am now thinking that Tom thinks Elizabeth planted those things there, while she thinks they’re his! Intriguing…


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