Brooklyn Nine Nine: Episode 6


This show never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh!

This week, we didn’t see as much of the other leading characters (or so it seems) as we did last week; this week seemed to focus more on Peralta and Holt, which I love. The trend in the show seems to be that each week, a new “duo” (or duos) will be the spotlight of the episode which I also love. I am happy to see that the show is taking the diversity of the cast and mixing it up within itself, because there are very few shows that have such a diverse cast and even fewer that take full advantage of it.

Speaking of a diverse cast, I really do not think that you could replace any of the actors and still have a successful TV series. Every week I find that the cast works better and better together; every episode strengthens the compatibility of the different talents and styles of comedy. The ensemble is like a perfect dish that you wouldn’t expect to work so well. At first, you’re a little skeptical but decide to try it anyway and immediately, you’re hooked.

This show captivated me in a way that TV hasn’t done in a long time. Mad Men, The Office, Parks and Rec, and Arrested Development all took me a few tries before I got addicted. This one is different, though; it had me absorbed about 3 minutes in. I hope the crew working on the show notice this and go with it. So often, I see a show start out as the best thing on television, and then the writers get risky or quit altogether (as what happened with Community) and the show just gets completely botched. Sometimes, the show can bounce back when the old writer returns (Community) or when cast members return, but by that time, they may have already lost their fans.

This show has great potential and I’m confident that it will have a very successful run. Like Friends or Seinfeld.



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