The Blacklist: Gina Zanetakos

Hi guys!

Sorry, I know this is a week behind, but school is taking up a lot of time!

Anyways, this (last) week we received even more development on Tom’s story, which I love. He surrenders himself to the FBI to prove that he has nothing to hide and knows nothing about the murder that happened in Boston when he was there for a “job interview” and the Keen’s made a weekend out of it.

This weeks Blackister, Gina Zanetakos, is a highly trained and highly skilled assassin who was involved in the Boston murder that we have reason to believe Tom was a part of. Reddington informs Elizabeth that Zanetakos needs to be found, because she could tell them everything they need to know about Tom, as they are supposedly lovers.

While Elizabeth is looking for her husband’s lover and one of the most dangerous assassins ever, Tom is being questioned and so far, his story is not checking out. Agent Malik touched base with the principal Tom said he met with, and unfortunately, the principal denies seeing him. Meanwhile, while searching Zanetakos’ apartment, Elizabeth finds her husband’s picture in a book, which also is not going to help Tom’s case.

After a bunch of ass-kicking and intense bad-guy chasing, we learn that Tom wasn’t an associate of Zanetakos’, and she has no idea who he is. She confesses it was her that killed the Russian agent in Boston because Reddington hired her to do so. Tom is set free and he and Elizabeth seem to be on the mend very quickly.

The episode ends with Elizabeth telling Reddington to “Go to Hell” because she thought she could trust him, when she clearly could not. Oh, and there is still surveillance in the Keen residence.

Last week’s (this) episode leaves us with more questions than answers. What does Reddington want with Elizabeth? Why was there a picture of Tom in Zanetakos’ apartment? How did those passports get into their house? Who is watching the Keens? What is the other piece to the story that they are not telling us?


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